Conditions in these Freight Offer Terms and the Terms of the Bill of Lading will apply as contents of the agreement between Overseas Liner Agencies as agents to the Carrier and the Customer.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the validity of quotations is for the actual month. This might be subject to change when separately agreed. When acting as agents for the carrier (“as agents only”) the following clauses as well as our principal’s clauses, will apply:


AEO – Authorized Economic Operator Security Declaration

If you are reading this as a reference to the text in a Booking Confirmation,  an Arrival Notice, a Cargo Release Order or received another type of business confirming message from OLA Overseas Liner Agencies AB (here in after OLA) you have formally entered and accepted a business agreement with OLA. As such you are automatically subject to the rules and regulations originating from OLAs (AEO) Authorized Economic Operator permit.

By that we (OLA) consider that you declare following:

  • goods, which are produced, stored, forwarded or carried by order of Authorised Economic Operators (AEO), which are delivered to AEO, or which are taken for delivery from AEO:
    • are produced, stored, prepared, and loaded in secure business premises and secure loading and shipping areas.
    • are protected against unauthorized interference during production, storage, preparation, loading and transportation.
  • reliable staff is employed for the production, storage, preparation, loading and transportation of these goods.
  • business partners who are acting on my behalf are informed that they also need to ensure the supply chain security as mentioned above.

If you are representing a company carrying an AEO permit, you can disregard the above text. If you would like to confirm the above rules and regulations more formally you are welcome and we prefer that you do, from this website under Information/Instructions download the AEO Security Declaration Template. Fill in, date, sign and send us a scanned copy of the signed Security Declaration or the original by postal service.



Doc Fee and/or Customer Service Fee will be charged per Bill of Lading and/or Mission.

Freights, Additional Costs & Charges are quoted for FCL/FCL if not otherwise stated.

All stated Additional Costs & Charges are subject to V.A.T.O.S. (Valid at Time of Shipment)

The offer is only valid for “PREPAID SHIPMENTS” if not otherwise agreed.

CAF – Currency Adjustment Factor is calculated on OF – Ocean Freight only.

Discharge port charges as THC, Documentation/Notice fee and other port-, local- and container related costs will be charged to the receiver’s account if not otherwise agreed.

If FAC – Forwarders Agency Commission is applicable, it will be calculated on the OF- Ocean Freight only and will be paid after the full payment has been received.

“Freight prepaid” on the Bill of Lading and other freight documents is not a receipt for paid freight costs but serves only as to where freight is payable.

Emergency charges as for example War Risk, Warlike Conditions, Congestion and Others Hindrances, can be levied without notice. The carrier will reserve the right to impose any extra charge as War Risk, Warlike Conditions, Congestion, Other Hindrances and/or any other charge caused by reasons beyond our control.

All quotations, offers for space, booking confirmations and freight commissions will be covered by the terms of Bill of Lading of the shipping company.

All increases of already existing extra fees and charges and, all additional new extra fees in ports, duties or other additional charges imposed by authorities and/or other third parties will be charged to the shipper.

If delivery of cargo is not taken by receiver or export transport halted at any stage and for any reason, the Carrier has the right to offload cargo from any equipment. The offloaded cargo will be stored. The costs for offloading and storage will be on the cargo owner’s account.

The Carrier has lien in the cargo until such date as when full payment for all costs incurred have been paid. The Carrier is free to dispose off the cargo/sell at their discretion, if costs for offload and storage exceed the cargo value.

For LCL, Break Bulk Cargo and cargo on flats/open tops, the carrier has the liberty to measure cargo at any point and impose extra Freight and Charges. The same applies for incorrect statements if found necessary.

Cargo on flats or on/in any other container/equipment may not be welded or secured in such a way that offloading may damage the container/equipment or may create any level of risk at the terminals.

All cargo has to be well secured in/on the containers/flats. The customer is responsible to ensure that the securing and lashing can withstand heavy weather and any means of transport that is involved in the routing of cargo.

Dangerous Cargo (IMO) is only accepted after final approval from local authorities and the Master of the vessel.

If Dangerous Cargo is received without the Carrier knowing their dangerous character, the Carrier may discharge them, render them innocuous or destroy them without any duty to pay compensation. The same applies even if the Carrier knows the dangerous character of the goods if danger later arises to any person or property rendering it indefensible to retain the goods on board.

Demurrage, Storage/Ground Rent & Detention Definitions:

A) Date of Availability:

Date (calendar day ) on which cargo is available for collection by merchant at container yard. Date of availability is also used as a commencing point for calculating free storage time at container yard.

B) Demurrage Free Time:

A period of time which is allowed to keep cargo and/or equipment in the container yard free of charge Unless otherwise stated, demurrage free time is counted as from date of availability till the date of cargo and/or equipment delivery.

C) Demurrage:

The charge imposed for cargo and/or equipment kept beyond the free time allowed for taking receipt of cargo in the container yard.

D) Detention Free Time:

Is the period of time which is allowed to keep carriers’ container/chassis after taking receipt of cargo from container yard. Unless otherwise stated, detention free time is counted as from the following day after container delivery till the date of return empty equipment to carriers’ designated depot.

E) Detention:

The charge the merchant pays for detaining Carriers’ container/chassis beyond the prescribed free time period.

F) DEM & DET Commencing Day:

DEM/DET will commence on the next calendar day after expiration of free time (including Saturday, Sunday or public holidays).

G) RF:

Active Refrigerated Container (incl. 20’RF & 40’RQ).

H) Working Day:

All calendar days excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays

I) Calendar Day :

All calendar days including Saturday, Sunday or public holidays

Booking confirmation is only issued in accordance with the usual terms of Bill of Lading of the shipping company with reservation for force majeure, ice barrier, risk for ice barrier, war, strike, lockout, congestion in ports, blockade or some other circumstance beyond the control of the carrier which prevents or complicates the loading and transport or considerably increases the transport costs.

In cases where we are not acting as agent for the carrier, all transport assignments will be executed based on NSAB 2000 (Nordiskt Speditörsfbörbunds Allmänna Bestämmelser) http://www.swedfreight.se/Documents/transportdokument/NSABeng.pdf which, among other things, gives us the right to restrict our responsibility and charge all our outstanding debts on you by selling property in our control. Please note that conditions about keeping deadline in § 6 and § 20 as well as about obligation of insurance in § 27.c.3 will not apply.

Our terms of payment are Extra Net Cash meaning payment in full upon loading of cargo and/or receipt of Bill of Lading or other freight documents.

If credit limit has been agreed upon, payment in full must be received on the due date.

Penalty interest of 2% per month will be debited after invoice due date, along with reminder charge.

If freight is not paid in due time/due currency the Shipper/Receiver /Forwarder (i.e. customer) will be responsible for the loss due to change in the exchange rate towards SEK.